Osborn + Doery Wedding

On Friday January 2nd, 2015 my little brother married the girl of his dreams.. Hannah Elisabeth Doery in the Burnley Gardens… it was a glorious 100+ degrees sun was shining…seats were full… ice cream was delicious.. great convos…music playing and a beautiful ceremony.

newsisterosborns lukeweddingceremony

The ipad got overheated so there was a nice 5 min break in the middle of the vows – which the bride and groom both said was really nice so they could take in everything. :)


We love you Donald & Hannah!!!


doerys with names

Proud Parents on both sides.

Below is right after the photographer told us to cry… maybe because they will be living so far away??


This is the only Doery grandchild at the moment.. he turns two in March! Such a stud!

My wonderful mother looking especially gorgeous on the day another one of her children got married. :)

For more pictures of the ceremony and reception CLICK HERE


Mom + Dad

They sure did an outstanding job raising FIVE different kids… we are all independent… have learned to embrace ourselves and those around us and to never stop chasing after our hearts desires…



Thanks Mom + Dad for all you have done and continue to do. Love y’all.


D+H Come to America

My little brother that got engaged on July 4th in Australia, brought his fiance Hannah with him to meet the family and attend a wedding he was a groomsmen in out in California.

2014-09-21 11.38.42

So my mom and dad planned an engagement party for them with our immediate and close relatives… Cordie and I arrived a few days early to get a little more time with them (we drove from FL)… My brother Bobby flew in from Brazil (after living there for 4+ months).. My oldest brother, Michael flew in Friday afternoon from LA and Elizabeth arrived Friday late at night from NYC! Staying up late and sleep depriving ourselves we really were able to cram in a lot of good quality catch-up time.

2014-09-20 20.00.02

2014-09-20 20.06.44

2014-09-20 20.37.07

2014-09-20 20.37.09

2014-09-20 21.10.28

2014-09-20 21.10.59

All 7 of us have not been together in almost three years so it was not only special to be celebrating Donald and Hannah but also that we were all together again and had a blast staying up into the wee hours of the morning… getting our favorite sno-cones (Austin will always have the best) taking LOTS of pictures all over the city.


(it was really bright out hence all the squinty eyes)


Before the big celebration we enjoyed Texas’s oldest BBQ-Blacks Est. 1932 in Lockhart, Texas… Tio Carl treated us to their awesome t-shirts. We got to meet Mila June for the very first time, she is 8 months old and as sweet as can be-my cousin Erica is an amazing mother and Junior is a great father!

2014-09-18 00.00.51

2014-09-18 00.00.56

2014-09-17 19.49.20

2014-09-17 19.49.29

2014-09-17 20.25.42

2014-09-17 20.31.30

2014-09-18 00.42.25

Donald, Hannah, Bobby, Cordie and I rented bikes one evening and toured the city via their bike and hike trails that circled downtown Austin and is right on Town Lake or Lady Bird Lake…we got stuck in torrential downpours and waited under the infamous Bat Bridge for over an hour to watch the bats fly out at sundown and to also stay covered from the storm.

2014-09-18 16.22.58-2
hannahs bike ride pic

Of course we treated ourselves to sno-cones in between the rain. :)


We are more than thrilled for Hannah to join our crazy, loud, caring family.