To Travel. To See. To Be.

To move within the first year of being married is not always recommended, however, my husband and I could not wait any longer to get going on our little escapade. We have always dreamed and discussed traveling before we ‘settled’ down into the typical house and started having children. So we have decided to travel NOW. Our goal is to be in a warmer climate preferably as close to the ocean as possible, hence why Florida is at the top of our list. When finding a place to rent for only a short period of time within our budget kept falling through the cracks we decided to ‘go with the flow’ and are going to live in NYC for a month this summer. Neither of us have been there which is half the adventure and are looking forward to exploring the city for a few weeks.

We are looking into a rental in Ponte Vedra, FLĀ  for August & September as one of my best friends from High School is getting married in Jacksonville, FL at the end of September! From there my husband and I will be flying to Valencia, Spain for his work. We are planning on staying in Europe for a while after the conference. For now, I am still in Rochester, Mn avoiding the packing, cleaning, until we move our things into a storage unit.