Segways & PuttPutt

In-laws come for a visit

This past week we were quite busier than usual as Cordie’s parents were here in Florida. We had planned on gorgeous weather to be able to enjoy the beach, sunshine and pool, however it ended up being rainy and ‘colder’ for most of the time.


The 2nd evening we went to the Town Center and enjoyed Ted Montana’s famous Bison burgers as it rained lightly.

img_2955 img_2959

The next morning we left early to Fort George Island where his father organized an ‘off-road’ Segway tour that was a lot of fun and very enjoyable. The tour went to Kingsley’s plantation on the island that still had some of the slaves’ homes from years ago and the original home of the Kingsleys, we each had our own ear piece (as you can see below) to hear the tour guide and helmets of course for extra safety. :) None of us had ever ridden on Segways so we got to ‘train’ before hand and then have a little fun in a field after the tour was done. :)

img_2976 img_2964 img_2972 img_2973 img_2978 img_2977


Being ‘adventurous’ and taking an arm and leg off the Segway above and below is at the end when we both felt like pros. If you have never ridden a Segway-I would recommend giving it a shot on your next vacation somewhere, they sure were a blast.


After our morning on the Segways we jumped on a ferry and had lunch at a local seafood shack called, Singletons that was recommended to us by a friend. I had blackened flounder and it was AMAZING. We sat out on the patio on the water and were greatly protected by any type of rodents with many cats guarding the entrance. :)

img_3025 img_3026 img_3027 img_3029 img_3031

From lunch we drove about 45 mins into downtown Jacksonville for their River Market days that happens weekly on Saturdays under one of the bridges. There were different vendors for jewelry, clothing, a food ‘market’ of fresh produce and of course many different types of food. We opted for some kettle corn and lemonade with peach and iced tea brewed in. Perfect dessert to our previous lunch.

img_3038 img_3035 img_3041 img_3042 img_3043 img_3044

One of the last things we did with Cordie’s parents was played Miniture Golf at Adventure Landing. It was us against them-and we LOST big time. (by at least 20 strokes)

img_3120 img_3119 img_3118 img_3117  img_3115 img_3110

To say the lest it was still fun and we also enjoyed the many baby American Alligators at the entrance of the park-you can see a couple in the picture above. :) The many meals, walks on the beach, time next to the pool and what you have seen above-it was nice to have them here for a visit. :)


the BEST Caddy

Today we took a short trip to Cimarrone Golf Club for Cordie to play golf and spend some one on one time together outside of the house! It was gorgeous outside-hot as it was in the middle of the day, but perfect as there were not many other people out playing. I have yet to try and achieve the ‘golf’ game so I thoroughly enjoy driving my hus around on the golf cart and being his favorite caddy. :)


Below are just a few more shots I took while enjoying the sunshine. :)

img_2898 img_2894 img_2893 img_2891 img_2888 img_2887_2 img_2882 img_2896

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer as well where ever you may be! :)


the STRANGEST friends

As some of you saw on Instagram last week I had the opportunity to sit and watch these two hang out with one another for quite awhile. :) And no need to worry, there are no ‘parents’ lurking in the background as once alligators reach a certain length (this one was way past it even for a little guy) they venture out into the wilderness on their own. :) It was fun to sit by the pool and have a little entertainment from the ‘pond’.

img_2662 img_2663 img_2664


The above are them ‘approaching’ our area…. the following was humorous to watch and we kept wondering why they had come so close, until we threw a piece of ice into the water and they both swam very quickly to it…realizing that they must be used to people feeding them… not a good sign if the gators in the area have been feed by people…then they are not as hesitant to approach them.

img_2665 img_2667 img_2668 img_2669 img_2670 img_2671 img_2673 img_2672

We have seen a total of 3 alligators in three different places of only being here just over a week… is quite exciting but nerve racking walking around certain places also.


Enjoy your weekend!


Our new HOME

Ponte Vedra


img_2519 img_2532

We are staying in a condo for the months of August and September hoping to decide where what area of Jacksonville we would like to live more long-term. The condo is in a gated community south of Jacksonville Beach in an area known as Ponte Vedra. Below are some pictures of our lovely little home & above is the condo and the immediate area around us.

front_door_from_living_room cord_and_sun_roof

Our front door is painted the same burnt orangish/red on both sides and we LOVE it. The one of the best things about this rental is that it did come fully furnished and the colors of the furniture and decor blend nicely throughout the whole house.

cord_in_livingroom living_room

img_2546 img_2544

living_room_2 living_room_me_in_mirror

It has a very ‘coast/beach’ feel to which is great and what we both truly love.

img_2773 img_2772

We love all the natural light as you can see there are very high windows in almost every room and the white walls make the place very bright.


We loove love love our kitchen! It is very open looking over the dining area and has perfect lighting and a great setup. Below are pictures of another room we have labeled as a ‘lounge’ the couches are not the most comfortable but turns into another bed if we were to have more than just a few guests visiting there would be plenty of room!

IMG_2480 lounge_view

Our bedroom: Speaks for itself with a nice king size bed and the same high windows, with a large closet, and another matching circular mirror to ‘match’ the rest of the place. We truly are blessed to be able to travel and live and be during this time in our lives and marriage.

master_4 master_bedroom_3 lounge_closets masterfeetmaster_window

Below are pictures of our second bedroom (as you can see with the twins and stuffed animals most likely for children) however it is very nice as it has its own bathroom and another large closet.


guestroom2 guest_room_

Living here has sure made us continue to dream about what we want our home to look like someday!




We are absolutely in ❤with our condo for the next couple of months (was a great idea to try somewhere out before deciding where we want to stay long term). However, our first day we walked down to the beach (takes 5 mins) and noticed that to get there we have to walk over a marsh or swamp like body of water-not a fan.
There is a sign that says ‘watch out for alligators and snakes’ which we noticed when we came across a very awkward raccoon quietly walking over the boardwalk bridge our first evening…



Not expecting too see any alligators for quite awhile after living here you can see from above that we did come across one our third day here. It is much closer to the path than the picture does justice. And we both no longer walk across the bridge but rather stay in the street. :)