cordie in paris

New place… New year…

A fresh start!

Cordie and I have been here in Jacksonville, Florida living in our new place (biggest bonus is the pool below) for just a week now. In that time we have spent a lot of time looking for things at furniture stores… finding our way around a new part of the city and spent a day in Orlando celebrating our ONE year anniversary…the morning was a wonderful treat with flowers and a Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato (yes still drinking iced drinks) for the two hour drive we had in front of us.

img_5998 img_6027

Our first stop was Ikea for some basic necessities as all of our house things are still in storage in MN and we browsed for quite awhile getting ideas for future pieces to make our place more homey.

From there we headed to Disney World (intending to hit up the food & wine festival at Epcot-but just getting back from Europe we decided to wait and go enjoy exotic foods at a later date) and spent a nice relaxing afternoon/evening at Downtown Disney.img_6029 img_5989

We had lunch at an Irish Pub called Raglans which was very scrumptious but the best part was the live entertainment throughout the whole lunch. There were tap dancers and a live band that encouraged the environment of being in Ireland. :)

img_5966 img_5954 img_5955 img_5957 img_5974

After a very filling lunch we decided to just lay on the grass near the water and enjoy the sunshine and talk about what is to come. Before leaving the Disney “World” we got caramel covered apples and some turtle fudge for the road trip back to Jacksonville. Ending the evening with watching good ol’ Sunday Night Football… not my favorite thing to do but Cordie was def missing the games while we were out of the country.

This week of being back has also meant many many early mornings starting between 4-7am due to both of us experiencing jet lag…but we are thoroughly enjoying starting the day as Cordie has a lot of work to do and I have started training for a half marathon that I will be doing at the end of February…so getting up early together and hitting the gym or going for a run along the beach has been a great new habit for both of us.


We both do miss our friends and family back in the Midwest but are very very thankful and excited to be here in Florida and move towards the future all the while enjoying beautiful weather and not freezing under mounds of snow!



Our FIRST year…

…in a nutshell

It is so hard to believe that our first year of marriage is already over! We both understand and have heard over the past year together that your first year is meant to be your ‘hardest’ yes we had some moments of misunderstanding…due to a loss of communication… but there wasn’t anything that stands out to either of us which would ‘make’ it a really really hard year…we feel like its been a breeze…


When we started to dream and pray about our year we knew it would be a year of moving forward. Moving forward meant physically moving out of Rochester, pursuing our dreams of what day to day ‘living’ would be like as individuals and as a couple, to see and experience new places, people and culture. From those dreams became short and long term goals as individuals and as a couple…through the pursuit of them we have discovered that we are wonderful accountability partners. :)

jumpinginaustin words

We moved… lived… walked… became a part of the following places… Rochester, MN…drove all over Florida for 2 weeks… Austin, TX (twice)…New York, New York… USA east coastline… Ponte Vedra, FL…. Valencia & Barcelona, Spain… Rome, Cinque Terre, Venezia, Italy… Paris, France and now learning our way around Jacksonville, FL…yes we both learned a lot about one another traveling so much together…


We have laughed immensely… shared tears over lost ones… enjoyed hours and hours of silence together on buses, trains, airplanes, different types of cars…someone once told us that we should ‘enjoy’ our time to bond together when we are traveling… it was quite humorous to us both as being married more than 9 months we felt we had already ‘bonded’… with that said I can confidently tell you that we enjoy one another’s company no matter if we are sitting at home relaxing, working on a project together or in the midst of strangers underneath a sparkling Eiffel Tower….for those of you that may be concerned.. ;)

PicMonkey Collage

To celebrate our ONE year we ‘claimed’ our outrageously spectacular time in Cinque Terre (you can click on the previous link to see & read out our ‘rugged time’) as our celebration…mostly because it was our favorite place… and staying in an apartment RIGHT on the water, listening to the waves crash at night through our open windows and having our own private view… we knew we couldn’t find anything better!

IMG_4939 IMG_5195

We are on our way to DISNEY WORLD to spend our official anniversary for the day! Look forward for pics to come…


It has been an amazing year being married to my wonderful husband! And we are both excited and ready for this upcoming year and the many to follow after!


Thank you to those of you reading this that have been a part of our first year and will continue to be in our lives in the many years to follow…here are some of our favorites from the BIG DAY (october 27th, 2012)

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Cordie & Katherine








the city of LOVE & LIGHTS

Friendly French

Arriving into Paris was much more of a breeze than both of us had expected… short flight… easy to maneuver around the domestic terminal and last minute decided to take a taxi into the city instead of training it in. Which was a HUGE blessing as our taxi driver was really friendly… spoke great English and gave us tons of advice of what to do other than the ‘typical’ touristic things. We once again rented an apartment through Air B&B (which we have loved and will continue to use in the future) for our time in Paris, which was located 10 mins from the Louvre, 20 mins from the Notre Dame… right next to the seine river and centrally located to restaurants, super markets, boulangeries (bakeries where we bought a baguette every day) and anything else we needed.

img_5339 img_5354 img_5360

It is always fun first arriving to wander the streets and see what is around us… make sure we know our way around before we do anything else! I really wanted to make sure we went to a great rating Boulangerie to try out the infamous macaroons… which Cordie had never eaten before… and HE LOVED THEM! I love that in Europe you can walk so many places and see so many different famous or non-famous things around you… love that there are little cafes you can stop at and quickly have an espresso or just sit at and people watch for a book… or sit and journal without a ‘worry’ in the world. Ending our evening early…setting up a noise maker app on our phones to drown out the loud talking beneath us (small downside of the apartment) that no matter what night of the week it was it was always loud from 5pm-the wee hours in the morning.


The following day we headed to the Louvre and had a wonderful time! If you read about ‘spending’ time inside most places recommended a minimum of three hours… We spent well over 4 hours within the museum and LOVED every minute of it. It was nice to see some similar things that we had come across in Spain and Italy but also a lot of fun to see French Paintings, Napoleon’s apartments that were once within the walls and many many other things. (of course the Mona Lisa also) :)

img_5444 img_5440

img_5428 img_5457

img_5456 img_5450 img_5454 img_5452

From there we walked to the Notre Dame church, which had just recently celebrated their 850th Anniversary. It is free to enter the famous church, but hold a treasury with certain ‘believed’ items from the time of Christ, clothing that belonged to certain Popes’ from the past, sparkling jewels and other very very old artifacts- that one has to pay to enter in and see it. We went in and spent quite a bit of time looking/reading over everything-it was pretty cool to see.

img_5420 img_5400 img_5394

The next day we walked A LOT..More than five miles actually… it was freezing out but we were both stubborn and did not want to take any transport places so that we could see MORE of Paris rather than just jumping on the subway… being underground an then arriving at a ‘tourist’ location. Our two main stops were the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. :) The pictures below are random from our walk there and back… enjoying the ‘free’ entertainment the city provides along side the Seine River.

img_5589 img_5585 img_5622 img_5560 img_5571

One of the things we did on our way back was attach a lock to one of the three lock bridges in Paris… It was fun. We wrote our name, the date, the date we got married, then each had a separate key that came with the lock to throw over… You can research online the ‘lovers tradition’ and the different controversies over it.

img_5584 img_5579img_5600 img_5598 img_5573

After our day of walking we decided to rent BIKES!! I had been waiting to find a city in which it was reasonable to rent for a day and convenient for us as well. We started our 10+ mile biking day by going to Jardin de Luxembourg (Luxembourg Garden) and enjoyed coffee, crepes, seating around lovely flowers and a fountain. It was still chilly but comfortable.

img_5692 img_5684 img_5680  img_5638 img_5661 img_5640img_5659 img_5644 img_5676

From there we biked over to Bastille an arrondissement (or neighborhood) formally known as Bastille Saint-Antoine and had coffee and cakes with a couple and their kids. We met the wife in Valencia, Spain and her 4 year old daughter name is Catherine and they have a 2 yr old little boy Benjamin who was just the sweetest thing.

img_5711 img_5701img_5790

After a couple of lovely hours with them we headed back towards the Eiffel Tower to see it lite up and then every hour on the hour for about 5 mins it SPARKLES!!! It truly is amazing and nice to sit a park close by and wait and watch the monument light up the sky! As you can see below we also biked to Pont de Arcs (another one of the three lock bridges) and left another lock with our names on it. :)

img_5730 img_5723 img_5741

Our last day was rainy and wet but still enjoyable. We met up in the morning with a friend of mine from YWAM for coffee and a looong overdue chat for a couple hours! She has been living in Paris for the past three years and it was so nice to hear all that she is doing with YWAM Paris and hear heart for the young and thriving city.

img_5786 img_5784


From there we walked along the Seine River reminiscing about our favorites of the trip… reflecting on whats ahead and trying not to ‘plan’ to much of where we will be when.



img_5780 img_5775


We are so thankful we were able to spend time in some amazing cities and places over the past couple of weeks, and are so ready to get back to Florida and continue to keep moving forward!

Once we get the rest of our pictures organized, resized and sorted they will be in the gallery! So keep an eye out!


Venetian Lagoon

From one body of water to the next…

After our time in and near Cinque Terre it was hard to get in the car and drive away… but we did it in anticipation of spending time in Venice or Venezia which is its Italian name. The city itself is made up of 118 small islands connected by bridges and canals… and cars, mopeds, bicycles anything of the sort are not allowed on the island. Yes, you can drive to a large parking lot or take a bus over in which there are awaiting water taxis, water buses and gondolas to take you to your destination or like the father and son we rented our ‘penthouse’ here in Mestre from recommended to just walk. Walk and get lost. In doing so we came across the touristic spots…dark ‘alleyways’ or teeny tiny roads… what seemed to be mostly residential areas…the Venice University…and around almost every corner another ‘photo’ opportunity to try and catch a glimpse of the city’s treasures.



The day we arrived was a Sunday and everything around us was closed-so we were grateful we had been given a bag of pasta and sauce to make ourselves some dinner and enjoy the apartment. We didn’t realize that we had missed on its listing that it fit up to 8 PEOPLE! As soon as the guy and his son started to show us the three bedrooms, two bathrooms, large kitchen and two outdoor patios-I thought this would be a perfect place for a group of friends or even two smaller families to enjoy the area with!!! From where we stayed to get on the island is a 1.30 euro bus ride that takes 15 min-you can’t beat that considering how expensive the rates go up just to be amongst the hustle and bustle of the ‘spots’ to go to. We walked the streets of the neighborhood even though everything was closed and just enjoyed being in a new place once again.

img_5272 img_5219 img_5198 img_5261 img_5271

Piazza San Marco

Our first day on the island we literally booked it (walking) to Saint Mark’s Square to get there earlier than later in hopes of shorter lines to enter into the church-we thought the map we had we get us there… def wrong but thankful for the graffiti on corners and walls to direct us through the maze of streets. We arrived to the square and it was PACKED full of people but nothing compared to what we had previously experienced in Rome. It was actually surprising to come across so many other tourists while being in Venice as it was more cold than hot every day that we were there. We were happy to not have to wait in line for very long and to enter into another beautiful church… However, they were also very strict about not taking any photos so we do not have any from the inside! :(

img_5234 img_5232 img_5229 img_5227 img_5204 img_5206

Lost & Loving It

After our ‘touristic’ time we wandered and wandered some more… had an ‘okay’ lunch.. then wandered some more you can see pics below of the various places we stopped to just indulge in our surroundings. We did the same thing the following day after we spent the morning on the water. :) It was very cloudy and foggy out but we both wanted to see around the city so we took about an hour ride (the water taxi stopped for others to get on and off) along the Grand Canal to an island called San Giorgio Maggiore to go up a church’s Bell Tower that looked back across the canal to St. Mark’s Square… they recommend you to go on a sunny day so you can see farther and the city is clearer…yet with it being fall…rainy and wet weather we took what we could get and LOVED every freezing minute up on the tower to look out over a such a wondrous city. You would think it would be frustrating not knowing where you are going… but once you notice and appreciate all of the little details surrounding you… bridges, wrought iron bent in all shapes and sizes… the leaves of the vines clinging against the building changing colors and just being within another culture and consuming it… ‘being lost’ is totally worth it. Venice is one of the more expensive cities we have visited but there was still plenty to do for low costs! (There is a lot a lot of shopping one can do… so be prepared if you have a hard time saying NO! hah)

img_5308 img_5309 img_5307 img_5310  img_5342img_5326img_5347

We are now onto our next stop before heading back to Jacksonville, Florida… Paris, France! Thanks again for reading and understanding how good vs bad wifi can determine when things get posted or don’t!



the RUGGED portion

Cinque Terre

We rented a car at one of the airports in Rome and DROVE to the ‘rugged” portion of coast along the Italian Riviera.. our plan was to stop in Pisa and take a quick picture of the Leaning Tower on our way up there… which there was one exit-we missed it and noticed the sun would be going down sooner than we had expected so trudged along and made our way into the mountains on the west coast of Italy and then back down them again to reach the coast in which our rental sat awaiting us on top of a restaurant located between the two cities Levanto and Bonassola neither are a part of the ’5′ which is the ‘Cinque’ in the name of this now well known area… but it is only a mile+ walk for us into the town of Levanto in which we hopped onto a train that took us back to the beginning of the five villages. (visitors are not allowed to drive within the villages without special permission-which was preferred for us as how narrow and steep a majority of the roads were) Views from & of our little place below.

img_4791 img_4792 img_4806img_4788 img_4802 img_4798

img_4800 img_4816

Below the villages are in ‘order’ geographically-not the order we visited them in. Enjoy.

Riomaggiore (dayone)

Is considered the first of the five villages located right on the water and the city we were recommended to go to first… we spent almost 2 hours walking around the village… up to a church and then up a few hundred more steps to an old castle which the view was gorgeous (i wish there was another word for it than that) and from there we headed to the train station for our 2 min ride as the walking trail is currently closed (you can pay to have access to the National Park trails that are meant to connect all the villages-yet most of them are currently closed due to their geographic state) we spent almost 2 hours waiting for a train that eventually took us our 2 min by train journey after switching tracks… it was humorous to say the least.

img_4841 img_4844 img_4845 img_4847 img_4848 img_4850 img_4852 img_4853 img_4855 img_4858 img_4861  img_4875 img_4878 img_4879 img_4881


Manarola (dayone)

We made our way to find lunch upon arrival in this quaint little village which is the second in line and the second smallest of the five… eating on the cliff with a view of the ocean was more than words could express! The pasta was made there locally, along with the olive oil, their balsamic vinegar and sea salt…It has been our favorite restaurant we have eaten at this whole trip by far!!! This little village being our favorite also due to the magical lemon, lime, orange and olive trees around you on the paths as you walked… grapes hanging in arms reach as the vineyards engulfed us with the smell of the ocean constantly filling our lungs… it was more than either of us had imagined from such a ‘small’ place.

img_4871 img_4821 img_4812 img_5049img_5047  img_5043img_5042img_5041

Corniglia (daytwo)

This village is technically a ‘fraction’ of the next village Vernazza and then only one of the five that is not directly on the water. It is 100 meters above the water and is accessed via 382 steep stairs or a vehicle road that winds up the mountain…which one can walk up and we were ready to do-but got extremely lucky that the ‘very rare’ (as locals told us) bus which will go up to the center was waiting for us! Once at the top before we began our hike to the next village we sat and enjoyed a nice hot cappuccino at a cafe that looked right out towards the ocean… we just couldn’t get enough of all the gorgeous views. We both mentioned throughout the rest of the day as we were hiking how fortunate and thankful we were to not have to start the ‘hike’ by climbing up all the stairs we had originally mentally prepared for. :) The trail we took was one of the only ones along the coastal path that was open for this time of year (most of the other trails were 7-12 hour treks and we did not bring the proper attire for those kind of trips) and was not very far in ‘distance’ however it wasn’t just a stroll in the park… with slippery rocks, paths that fit one person at a time (even if others approaching you didn’t care to notice they were on the edge of a massive cliff) To say the least we LOVED all of it-laughed, took our time… let others pass us just to pass them later on… stopped to try and catch pictures or just observe the cities we had seen the day before at a distance. IT was great. We ended in Vernazza.

img_5029 img_4984 img_4990 img_4983  img_5024 img_5023 img_5018 img_5021 img_5015   img_5014

Vernazza (daytwo)

Which was busier than we had thought and had many many restaurants to choose from to eat at! The other places didn’t have too many choices so we were starving and overwhelmed! Choosing where to eat is always a thorough process for us to make sure we look into the ones recommended by locals but also can have what we are in the mood for. I had been wanting and waiting patiently to find somewhere that served Minestrone soup! We found it here in Vernazza in which the made it with PESTO and it was PHENOMENAL!!! I wish I had the recipe to attempt to make it again myself…And Cordie had a lasagna with a very rich cheese and pesto as well. We were content and once again ready for our quiet place of solitude back on the water. :)

img_4989 img_4995 img_4998 img_5004

After freezing (and sweating) all morning through the mountains it was a surprise to come back to our place and feel the warm sun beating down on the roof or one could say our ‘terrace’ or porch just outside the kitchen door of the house…It made our time in Cinque Terre even better to be able to take a rest laying out under the sun listening to the waves crash against the shore and discuss how amazing it would be to live in a place where all you can hear is the nature that surrounds you.


Monterossa (dayone)

After our lovely time in the first two villages we arrived here the last of the five and the one that is usually fuller with tourists during the summer months as it is the only one that has sand next to the water for people to enter the water easily. It being a long day we wondered up most of the village, stopped for some Gelato and then slowly made our way back towards the train as once we arrived in Levanto we still had another 1+ mile walk home and were desperate to get back to our little quiet abode overlooking the water.

img_4996 img_5040_2 img_4992  img_5036

I hope some day you are able to escape to this once unknown paradise…