Merry Christmas!

Our First Christmas in Florida!

It has truly been much warmer than holidays spent in Minnesota…We celebrated Christmas this past weekend with some friends…we both enjoyed making some ‘firsts’ in the kitchen for the party. A spicy queso dip (similar to chili con queso), bruschetta,  and a new blend of Cordie’s favorite cheese ball. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures to show…we were both very happy to finally use our food processor and crock pot to make our appetizers.

Becky & I below at her party… We have been friends for 12+ years now!

img_7093 img_7091

Cordie & I have been surprised with how ‘festive’ the area we live near is… Lights, Wreaths, Christmas trees etc are all over the place… We decided to take some pictures with some of the decor as you can see below.. and the beach of course:)



 We are loving this weather and holiday season!




Having fun throwing sand up in the air as it if was snow… :)

img_3891 img_3892 img_3894

img_3900 img_3901

 We hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy your time with loved ones. 





Brief Overview

Well, it has been over a month since my last post so below are a few snap shots of what we have been up to.. IMG_6843

 I went to my FIRST NFL game! We both had a blast.

IMG_6517 IMG_6535

We spent 5 days in Rochester packing our things into a container to be shipped to Jacksonville. It was great to see friends and family after being away for almost 5 months as well. Above is my parents dog, Scotty and two of my new favorite products I got at TalaHairSalon before leaving. :) You can see below my Before & After picture from the infamous Christy Cass chopping my hair and making it all healthy.

IMG_6300We of course spent time with some of our favorite little people in the world. :)

IMG_6267 IMG_6502

After our time in Rochester we made our way down to St. Louis for a quick stop to see some family. Cordie was very happy to have dinner at Bandanas as you can see the slab of ribs below. :)


After our stuff arrived in Jacksonville, it quickly filled our place.. below are some shots of our new home and how a lot of it is decorated with our wedding decor!

IMG_6784 IMG_6783 IMG_6774 IMG_6979IMG_6980 IMG_6981

Below is our dining room wall and the slow progress we are making with things we never put up in Rochester. :) I still love our theatre seats.

IMG_6983 IMG_6982

For Cordie’s Birthday weekend we got to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis live, spent time at the beach and then went to a John Mayer concert a couple of weeks later…Cordie had a smile on his face for the entire 4 hours. :)

IMG_6730 IMG_6720 IMG_6696


Hope you have had a great November and your December is stress-free so far!