Spring has been HERE for a while now..

It sure was a busy ‘winter’ for us here in Florida, we spent a week in Orlando back in January for the PGA Show Tour, for Cordie to connect with Golf Instructors and others in the field.


The month of February we had a heat wave and were thoroughly enjoying the 80 degree whether versus the long snowy winter our friends and family were going through in the mid-west. We got to enjoy a few golf courses around the area…

The above picture you can barely see a little alligator that we passed by on the 18th hole.

The Golf Club at North Hampton has been one of our favorites to go to so far this year.

We also had the privilege of going to the Daytona 500 this year! It was quite an amazing and fun experience…yes if you watched it you will know it got rained out, but the laps we got to watch were very spectacular and hanging out with a good group of friends!

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We also registered our car are officially Florida residents! :)