March Madness for us!!!

The CASS family came to Jacksonville! Our wonderful friends (basically family) came to visit with their two girls at the beginning of March and stayed for over a week! It was sooo nice having them here… unfortunately the weather was stubborn (as you can see below quite chilly) and didn’t warm up until their third day here… So we improvised. Hit up Barnes and Nobles, did some shopping, went to the MOSH children’s museum downtown and had lots of quality time inside.

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_3995 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_3987

Zion is full of life and gorgeous as ever.. she is now 4! We loved all the cuddle time we got to spend with the girls.

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_3977 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8229 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8302  kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8224

Once it warmed up outside we hit up the beach everyday we could until the Cass fam left!

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_4046 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_4039


Love my beautiful friend Christy… crazy to think its been 10+ years and all the different life changes we both have gone through in that time…

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_80971 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8273 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8267 img_4244

It took Zakiyah (18months old) a few times before she fell (literally) into the sand and as you can see below absolutely loved it. Isn’t she just adorable?

img_4242 img_4237 img_4270 img_4277 img_4279 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8218

Zion sure did love seeing the ocean for the first time…


kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8080 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8067

We also went down to St. Augustine after church and were met by a large Celtic festival and busy crowds, it was still fun to walk through the First established city of the United States.



The last night they were here we took advantage of our ‘community’ bon fire.

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_82961 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8289

We sure did LOVE having them here and look forward to spending time with them back in the mid-west this summer!