April Showers

It rained for almost two weeks straight as April was coming to an end… Which in Jacksonville usually it would mean it would monsoon than be sunny for the rest of the day… it rarely ended up being sunny-EVER. Which meant lots of good working days for Cordie and I.


We also got a CAR!!!! After months and months of looking, researching for something we could both comfortably enjoy and use, had almost everything we wanted, got good gas mileage…APRIL was the month it happened!


Our first day driving the car… can you tell we were a little excited to finally not be in a car that was from the nineties.. :)

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8931  kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8952kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8961 (1)  kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8966 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8967


We enjoyed a fun parade to celebrate the ‘opening of the beaches’ we grilled out with some friends and had front row seats which made it a lot of fun interacting with everyone going by.

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_91361 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9131 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9133 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9127 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9122 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9121 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9117 (1) kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9115 (1) kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9113 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9153

This past weekend we also enjoyed a spontaneous date night to a cute lil sushi place right on the beach…

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_90931 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_90971 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_90981 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_90941 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_90901 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_90961

We loveeed it! Really inexpensive and fresh… cant wait to go again.


We are blessed and looking forward to the month of MAY!


Our Wedding Video!

It’s been over a year and a half since we got married… As April is ending I got a belated birthday gift from Cordie! Enjoy a snippet of our BIG DAY! We want to Thank everyone who supported us-those near and far.


The first song was written by both of us and produced by the one and only Cordie Walker called “Here in your arms” and the second song is Mumford & Sons “Hopeless Wanderer” The footage was filmed by our friend Jorden Johnson and edited by Cordie.


April. Birthday Celebrations.

One of my older brothers, Bobby flew into Orlando from Austin, Tx the weekend before my birthday and we hung out for a little bit in Orlando before driving back to Jacksonville.

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8562 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8591 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8573 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8589

We went to Lake Eola, which is in downtown Orlando… I really wanted to take out a paddle boat as you can see above the boys ended up enjoying it as well… The lake also had all sorts of funky LARGE pieces of art surrounding it…

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8590 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8587kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8558 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_85881

From there we went to play putt putt, Cordie and I were very surprised at the layout of the course… as it is one of the best we have ever seen and we BOTH got hole in ones… :)

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8593 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8592 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_85951 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8598 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8599

Bobby brought me this AMAZING cutting board for my birthday… I love it.. love having things from my original home state in our home.


We ended up having perfect weather the whole weekend… went downtown to the Riverside Arts Market, rode some beach cruisers… lots of time walking the various beaches, watched the final four with some of our good friends…saw lots of random wildlife… grilled out a couple of times and only got caught once in the rain!

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8551 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_4293

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_4309  kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8623 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8618kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8632  kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8661


kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_4329 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_4328

A few days later was my actual birthday and my handsome husband gave me the best day ever! We woke up at 6am to catch the sunrise… saw quite a few dolphins (unfortunately we didn’t capture a good picture) from there we stopped and got donuts and coffee :) went home and worked for a couple hours.. I then got to get a massage… came home to flowers, a cute disney balloon and treats to go see a movie. :) All of my favorite things to do in the same day was pretty lovely.

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8729 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8730 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8745kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_4376kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8751  kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8759  kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_8770

After our movie we headed to dinner at Maggiano’s. It was a perfect day even though it landed in the middle of the week and I felt very loved by all my friends and family.. Thank you.