Memorial Day Weekend

My sister flew in for the long weekend from Manhattan, New York. We had a blast together…enjoyed some sunshine, rain and just good quality time.

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I am incredibly proud of her…where she has come from and where she is going with her future.. the strong independent woman she is living and taking on NEW YORK CITY one day at a time. xo


Kevin Comes to Visit…

Not only did we attend the PLAYERS Championship with Kevin (Cordie’s Dad) but we also were treated to quite a few lovely dinners. My favorite was down in Atlantic Beach at North Beach Fish Camp mostly due to the very fresh fried ocra they had on special and as always great quality fish entrees to choose from.


IMG_0402 IMG_0404 IMG_0406

Also, early one morning we drove up to Amelia Island and the boys played (I of course was practicing my caddy skills) a round of golf at the Ocean Links golf course in the Omni Resort, which is located directly on the water. As you can see below it was breathtakingly beautiful.

IMG_0470 IMG_0472 IMG_0477 IMG_0478 IMG_0483 IMG_0495 IMG_0497 IMG_0486 IMG_0500 IMG_0515 IMG_0523

It truly is wonderful to be able to live so close to the beach and be able to host visitors in our quaint little apartment.



the PLAYERS championship

It was quite enjoyable to go to our very first PGA tournament together and the PLAYERS was the perfect one to attend. We went in the afternoon of the practice round and on Friday.

IMG_9366 IMG_9391

Sawgrass stadium 3 Sawgrass stadium 2

We got to see Jake Owen perform on the practice day round in honor of military appreciation.

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IMG_0441 IMG_0439 IMG_0437

Cordie’s Dad was here visiting for the week so it was nice he was able to go with us to the tournament and watch it live.

IMG_0427 IMG_0426

IMG_0425 IMG_0422

Above is Ernie Els (He is from South Africa) & Me. :)

IMG_0408 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9533 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9524 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9515 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9509 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9507 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9490 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9462

Us with Justin Rose, it was nice being there during the practice round since we were allowed to take pictures and with the players as well if they were willing.

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9461 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9472 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9452 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9444 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9441 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9438 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9437


YAY! It’s MAY!


Even living in Florida I feel like May is the month of ‘true’ spring and we are thoroughly enjoying the beginning of it! We’ve added some more details to our home… A fun old school retro clock, an awesome Elephant Head -Cordie picked out (yes even though I am the one that loves elephants) and an Ikea mirror that we have had for a long time but no where to put it. I love how the three are completely different pieces, but go together and fit ‘us’.

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_91861 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9184 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9183

We also hit up the local greenhouse and picked out some little herb plants to grow on our deck… hoping the sun keeps showing its face every once in awhile. During the rainy days we started a couple DIY projects which I will share soon!


May also means to me… MORE pool time.. Iced Cold Drinks…and FUN nail colors…

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9165 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9157

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9172 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_9079

Cinco de Mayo celebs… The PLAYERS Championship…some family coming to visit and lots of looong walks on the beach!

kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_92421 kepatmeretezes_hu_IMG_92451