Osborn + Doery Wedding

On Friday January 2nd, 2015 my little brother married the girl of his dreams.. Hannah Elisabeth Doery in the Burnley Gardens… it was a glorious 100+ degrees sun was shining…seats were full… ice cream was delicious.. great convos…music playing and a beautiful ceremony.

newsisterosborns lukeweddingceremony

The ipad got overheated so there was a nice 5 min break in the middle of the vows – which the bride and groom both said was really nice so they could take in everything. :)


We love you Donald & Hannah!!!


doerys with names

Proud Parents on both sides.

Below is right after the photographer told us to cry… maybe because they will be living so far away??


This is the only Doery grandchild at the moment.. he turns two in March! Such a stud!

My wonderful mother looking especially gorgeous on the day another one of her children got married. :)

For more pictures of the ceremony and reception CLICK HERE


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