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the MET

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

My parents arrived in NYC last night to visit, as my little sister has the whole week off from work! So today we headed to the MET museum, of course only after it was known that Phil Mickelson would be the winner of the British Open, which is on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NY. Our other roommate actually works at the museum a couple days in the week so we got FREE admission! The museum itself is so large, you could not only spend one day there but at least two to see everything!


Below are some more pieces that we found interesting and loved. (though I do not remember any of their names) Monet is by far one of my fav artists…

lillies by monet

img_1102 img_1108 img_1111 img_1113 img_1127 img_1154  img_1140 img_1141 I love all the detail that most museum’s have in them…the walls…the colors… every tiny thing that has been found from around the world over so many years. Below the infamous Van Gogh.


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It was a fun day and great thing to do with my parents! I am happy as you can see in the photos above that Cordie partook  in the game of ‘being like the statue’ which made seeing soooo many exhibitions go by just a little bit faster. :)

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