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some may think celebrating LOVE or relationships through the holiday Valentine’s Day is cheesy or overrated… but I say do what you WANT. Celebrate LOVE on a ‘consumer’ holiday if you want too.. There is no harm in showing your love for another.. EVER!

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For our ‘love’ celebrations (which started a week early) we each took time out to do what the other person would want to do/appreciate… We got couple massages together… ate at a great restaurant.. on a Saturday morning we had donuts, starbucks and watched cartoons together…hit up Cordie’s fav place to find books we both can read and enjoy (Goodwill – 10 books for 2 dollars – you can’t beat that).. the next day we went to the golf course and played a round of golf (I am the designated caddy)…

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Cordie was out to impress me as he played… these three shots below were all from the fairway one from through the trees (in the picture below after I challenged him asking if he could make it to the green) and landed RIGHT next to the red pin. :) Yes, I was impressed.

2015-02-08 17.32.00 HDR-2 2015-02-08 17.39.42 HDR-2 2015-02-08 17.51.21 2015-02-08 16.27.24

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…fast forward to the end of the next week I made homemade chocolate cookies, received beautiful roses…on Valentines’ morning we got up – exchanged our cards <3… made some biscuits, eggs and bacon… had a nice cup of coffee before trekking out to another part of Jacksonville…for a little Saturday adventure..

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we walked 4+ miles through a beautiful reserve…taking in the beauty around us and just being outside… discussing our dreams and goals… it was wonderful… I love my husband, and I know he loves me.

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…but its not just about what we did/do for each other… but that as we grow and are learning (yes there is still lots to learn in our third year of marriage… seriously…if you are married you know) together how to love each other and ourselves – life is a celebration of LOVE… we are each making our own choices to get up early, eat a little bit better, exercise more and taking time out to have real talks (without a phone or computer near by) each week.. communication.. I tell ya it really is so important in any type of relationship.

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Happy Valentines’ Day or LOVE month as we say around here… :)

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