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…went by way tooo fast! We moved to a new condo on the beach… had a great week celebrating my birthday… friends (basically family) were near by for over two weeks…Easter with my best friends inlaws…their 40th Anniversary Party…it was a very full month of spending time with people… unpacking… reorganizing and enjoying life in our new location!

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Dining Room

Kitchen Kitchen

Master Bedroom

Our Bedroom.. yes we can see the ocean from bed. :)


Looking into our Office (smaller than our last place but we gained a lot of outdoor work space and a larger living room!)


Just over a month in we are loving our decision to move onto the beach instead of getting a larger house in the suburbs!


Birthday Dessert

Judd is my bff’s husband and he and I share the same birthday! :)

We enjoyed our house warming gift from Cordie’s father… the ‘Selfie Stick’ there will be plenty more pictures taken with it and from our balcony!

Selfie Stick 1st wake up
Above is from the first morning we woke up here!

Selfie Stick Bday

Selfie Stick Easter


walking to beach with cass family

2015-04-14 17.27.57

2015-04-11 09.07.44-3

2015-04-11 12.18.53-1

We took HUNDREDS of pictures while the Cass Family took their holiday nearby… We really do miss seeing them on a regular basis but cherish the moments we do get to see them here in FL and in MN
(planning on visiting family and friends this June/July)!

Other highlights from the month of April:

– Cordie loooves our beach walks together, walking to a variety of coffee shops to work every Monday

2015-04-30 19.43.35-2

– We both ride my Birthday Beach Cruiser present at least 4-5x a week to the grocery store… literally anywhere within 5 – 6 miles here on the beach :)

2015-04-21 09.09.03

– I am watching a friend’s puppy a few days a week (since he was 8 wks now almost 12wks old) his name is Dante
dante bone

dante sleeping

– These are my nephews Eddie & Walter – Golden Doodle Brothers and I hang out with them every once in a while :) They are about 5 months old now

eddie and walter - car
–Opening of the Beaches Parade is always a blast!
2015-04-26 14.47.27-2
–Mostly just so blessed by our new home and that our lifestyle has changed dramatically! We are up before 7AM everyday and are both trying to be very active whether its swimming, walking, riding the bike or going to the gym!

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