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If you won’t be offended by anything that is written below and/or in the posts that follow as this update will be spaced out over several….

Looking back at our ‘updates’ it saddens me to see that the last thing we wrote about was the 3 month wait of a silly couch from West Elm. (which we did love for the week + we had it)

2015-07-25 20.26.05

Twins Game we went to while in MN with Kevin for his passed due fathers day gift.

In the middle of July we drove up to Rochester, MN for our annual visit to see family and friends. We had a WONDERFUL TIME! Cordie had a conference for golf instructors in Chicago on the way down, we stopped in Greenville, SC for an evening – hiked through Pisgah National Forest and tried to enjoy the constant slow traffic we faced the entire way home.

2015-07-27 12.39.54

2015-07-29 12.00.20

2015-07-29 13.04.42 HDR-1

2015-07-31 14.53.12

If you are ever in the area you must at least drive through here!

2015-07-31 14.23.30-2

Water Falls we stopped at


I will never forget we had gotten into Jacksonville Beach, Cordie turned to me and said,

“I don’t know why you are so worried about the water Becky (our friend was graciously taking care of our plants and condo while we were gone and mentioned that just four days after we left there were puddles and puddles of water near our kitchen near our guest bathroom very far away from our glass doors that faced the ocean that she wiped up) found.”

I remember responding – we have no idea how bad it is…. If the condensation on the floor in the kitchen that was there from the moment we moved in/if our landlord knew of water issues/leaks yet didn’t disclose the information to us.


We just had no idea….what we would be walking into

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