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We cannot believe how fast this month has gone! Some days feeling like we did waaaay too much for our bodies to handle and the others being able to just wander around this beautiful city. This past week I got to catch up with a good friend and her sister from Perth, WA a couple times and I am soooo incredibly grateful for those moments!

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One day we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and then had a 2 hr+ catch up on life in a cafe and then the last time I got to see them we were in Washington Square Park (above pictures) which we hadn’t been to yet and absolutely loved the atmosphere as there was all kinds of funny free entertainment going on around us!

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I met Kerri when I was on staff with YWAM Perth, and had the privilege of being her outreach leader to Jakarta, Indonesia, Namibia and Botswana over a 3 month period. She is one of a kind, gracious, full of life and an aspiring girl! Love her to pieces. :) And can’t wait to see her again in Australia someday.


Spending time with the aussies girls, we also FINALLY went to a restaurant in Soho founded and run by a group of Aussie ‘blokes’ and they have AMAZING food. Cordie has even gone to the point where it has been his ‘favorite’ meal here in NYC! They are known for their Australian type coffee and burgers! Our first experience I had a salad and he had pasta….it being soo good we went back today for our ‘last’ meal here in Manhattan and had a chicken burger (with my fav sweet chili sauce) and Cord got a typical Aussie burger with beets, a fried egg, pineapple and a bunch of other goodness. All with a lovely non-alcoholic Ginger Beer (with is similar to Ginger Ale just with more of a Ginger Zing).

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These last few days were ‘double’ dip days as we found our fav gelato place, Mo il gelato and went there twice as well! (it only being a short walk from where we are staying it is good we didn’t discover it until now otherwise I know we would have spent too much money there) They make their gelato FRESH every morning! If you are ever in Little Italy, Manhattan it is a must go too!


We loved every minute of our time here in NYC and LOVED all the time I could spend with my sister Elizabeth! I am so thankful for her and proud of what she is doing and what her future holds! Love you ita! Will miss being your roomie sooo much!





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