Our new HOME

Ponte Vedra


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We are staying in a condo for the months of August and September hoping to decide where what area of Jacksonville we would like to live more long-term. The condo is in a gated community south of Jacksonville Beach in an area known as Ponte Vedra. Below are some pictures of our lovely little home & above is the condo and the immediate area around us.

front_door_from_living_room cord_and_sun_roof

Our front door is painted the same burnt orangish/red on both sides and we LOVE it. The one of the best things about this rental is that it did come fully furnished and the colors of the furniture and decor blend nicely throughout the whole house.

cord_in_livingroom living_room

img_2546 img_2544

living_room_2 living_room_me_in_mirror

It has a very ‘coast/beach’ feel to which is great and what we both truly love.

img_2773 img_2772

We love all the natural light as you can see there are very high windows in almost every room and the white walls make the place very bright.


We loove love love our kitchen! It is very open looking over the dining area and has perfect lighting and a great setup. Below are pictures of another room we have labeled as a ‘lounge’ the couches are not the most comfortable but turns into another bed if we were to have more than just a few guests visiting there would be plenty of room!

IMG_2480 lounge_view

Our bedroom: Speaks for itself with a nice king size bed and the same high windows, with a large closet, and another matching circular mirror to ‘match’ the rest of the place. We truly are blessed to be able to travel and live and be during this time in our lives and marriage.

master_4 master_bedroom_3 lounge_closets masterfeetmaster_window

Below are pictures of our second bedroom (as you can see with the twins and stuffed animals most likely for children) however it is very nice as it has its own bathroom and another large closet.


guestroom2 guest_room_

Living here has sure made us continue to dream about what we want our home to look like someday!



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