Fourth of July

Citi Bike Riding

For the 4th of July my younger sister Elizabeth, my husband Cordie and I decided to try out the NEW Citi Bikes that are in most parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn! I was hesitant about riding a bike through the busy streets of New York!


We had so much fun biking around on a trail from Battery Park  up to the High Line  which is an old train line that the city has turned into a park! We walked for about an hour, grabbed some lunch than jumped back on the bikes. (there are ‘docks’ all over the city for you to leave a bike and then you can pick up one later in the day, pay for a 24 hr pass and you receive ‘unlocking’ codes to have access to another bike in another location-absolutely worth every penny!)

IMG_0566 IMG_0568 IMG_0573 

IMG_0569 IMG_0580IMG_0579

After leaving the High Lines we continued to bike north up to 59th Street which is the farthest Citi bikes have locations due to other old standing ‘competitors’ there seems to be such ‘wonderful’ respect for other peoples’ territories in the city. We then headed towards Central Park and ended our 10+ mile bike ride there to join the crowds and relax in the shade.

IMG_0591 IMG_0592

If I lived in NYC I would definitely invest in a yearly membership to have access to a bike that I wouldn’t have to try and store somewhere! :)

IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0603 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0619

Above are some pictures of our trek to see the fireworks in which I loved. There were so many different ‘types’ I had never seen. :) In between the biking and fireworks we made a stop in honor of ‘Osborn’ history of watching a movie in the theater on holidays and saw World War Z and had dinner at the infamous Shake Shack!

IMG_0594 IMG_0595

This 4th of July will not be forgotten!

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