the STRANGEST friends

As some of you saw on Instagram last week I had the opportunity to sit and watch these two hang out with one another for quite awhile. :) And no need to worry, there are no ‘parents’ lurking in the background as once alligators reach a certain length (this one was way past it even for a little guy) they venture out into the wilderness on their own. :) It was fun to sit by the pool and have a little entertainment from the ‘pond’.

img_2662 img_2663 img_2664


The above are them ‘approaching’ our area…. the following was humorous to watch and we kept wondering why they had come so close, until we threw a piece of ice into the water and they both swam very quickly to it…realizing that they must be used to people feeding them… not a good sign if the gators in the area have been feed by people…then they are not as hesitant to approach them.

img_2665 img_2667 img_2668 img_2669 img_2670 img_2671 img_2673 img_2672

We have seen a total of 3 alligators in three different places of only being here just over a week… is quite exciting but nerve racking walking around certain places also.


Enjoy your weekend!

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