Labor Day Weekend

We both took advantage of the long weekend to relax… spend some time together without either of us working… It was a great way to finish August and begin September!


We went to see the movie, The Giver (we would both highly recommend) on Friday followed by a nice evening stroll along the beach… Saturday we had dinner with friends of ours out at their parent’s house on the river. They have an infinity pool and nice hot tub so we spent a lot of time hanging outside with their dogs.

IMG_2220 IMG_2221

Becky and I thoroughly enjoyed the dolphin floaties Judie has for when kids come over. :)


Monday we got up early and went boating with the Clarksons and stopped on the intercoastal near Fort George… It was a perfect day.

IMG_2265 IMG_2259

Sunshine. Waves. Dolphins. Good Company. Life Jackets as floatable chairs.

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There are more pictures here from the weekend.



Family in Florida

Mi Familia

My parents have been road-tripping all over the US since the middle of July, they started in NYC, made a trip to VA then headed to Los Angeles via Denver, CO to see my fathers family and to attend one of the Denver Broncos (our family’s fav team) scrimmage games before the season started and short time in Montana, Washington, Oregon and Northern California….they spent a week in LA with my eldest brother and then headed to Austin, TX. (i am sure they could give a much better detail of their trip, of everyone they visited and all that they got to see) They drove directly from Austin, TX with my brother Bobby to relax with us for a few short days before making the trek back to MN and my brother went on to Puerto Rico to spend time with some friends of his. :) It’s crazy that we have all traveled so much this summer.

img_3366 img_3360


We spent the majority of the 3+ days they were here at the beach & pool since the weather was absolutely perfect. :) To switch things up we went to a few different locations and my brother bought us a boogie board and skim-board for more ‘beach’ entertainment. Cordie and I being here just over a month have definately not spent as much time in the water as we did the past three days while my family was here… we are feeling the soreness of swimming in strong currents and attempting to ride the waves for hours and hours today. Which is great as it has poured for most of it!

img_3368 img_3370

I realized once again that nothing really compares to one’s own family. And my family is thankfully relaxing to be around, make themselves at home with cooking meals and welcoming my own inexperienced cooking. The night they arrived I attempted my mothers (which was from her mom) ‘mexican’ rice and made pico de gallo, guacomole, black beans and steak ‘fajita’ style for some yummy tacos. Surprisingly, it all turned out wonderfully and the Mexican rice was very close to my moms. :) Also, while they were here we indulged in GATOR TAIL (I think I am the only one that really enjoyed the meat as it was somewhat tough) crab legs with hot butter, sheephead (type of fish), fried clam bellies, fresh mostly raw tuna, mahi mahi tacos, blackened flounder, scallops, fried cod, blackened shrimp in some yummy garlic grits… pure bliss. Enough seafood to last until we arrive in Spain in a couple of weeks. :)

img_3356_2 img_3353 img_3352 img_3349 img_3347 img_3345

img_3387 img_3327 img_3319 img_3316 img_3314 img_3382 img_3313 img_3305 img_3300 img_3302

As you can see from the random pictures we had a lot of fun.


On one of the nights we went through many photos my parents had scanned at my grandparents in Austin, TX before they left. It was nice to look through photos from the 1920s and to learn more about my mom’s side of the family. My grandparents will forever be a couple that inspires me to be more and give to all people wholeheartedly. We thoroughly enjoyed having ‘half’ of the Osborns together for a few days. We love and appreciate the support, care, understanding, advice, love and of course the constant laughter that they share with Cordie and I. I as the first child to get married am also very thankful for how accepting and welcoming my family has been to Cordie. I am blessed.

Love you Dad, Mom, Michael, Bobby, Donald & Elizabeth. <3 the photo below represents the last time all 7 of us were together(2 Christmases ago). :)