Spring Midwest Visit

We went to MN towards the end of May for a work conference for myself, Cordie set up lots of work meetings while we were there and we hung out with friends and family… Enjoy the photos below for a glimpse of some of the people we saw and things we did :)


My girl Jordan and I went to Canvas & Chardonnay in downtown Rochester one night and had a BLAST! I am not much of an artist but the atmosphere was a lot of fun, great instructions from the teacher and Jordan is always the BEST company! Love her friendship. :)

img_0826 img_0825 img_0824 img_0793_1

One night we went out to Thursday’s on First for Izzy’s BDAY celebration..for good food, live music and lots of laughs.

img_0785 img_0784 img_0781

Cordie and the Cass ladies doing a little landscaping… My job was to hangout with the girls while Christy and Cordie picked out all the plants and did the labor. :)


img_0761 img_0759

img_0757 img_0755

Love Zakiyah’s face when she is running and Zion above really enjoyed the fishys in the little pond at Sargents.

img_0746 img_0747 img_0749 img_0735 img_0737



Got to see my dear friend Andrea in St. Paul and her roomie Mali.img_0249
Christy made us her famous “Cass Cakes” on the day after our arrival and the morning we left town.. was such a special treat and we thoroughly enjoy our time with her, Andy and the girls. :)

img_1031img_1022 img_1015

This is Sophia and Lila, I worked for their mother Jody for two years before moving south and will always love her and her beautiful family…

img_0728 img_0652 img_0638

Its not summer with out pool time and lots of ice cream…

img_0650 img_0648  img_0615img_0967

We also had the opportunity to go see Zion, Lila and Sophia’s ballet precious to see these little girls grow up and slowly become young ladies.

img_0945 img_0939 img_0937 img_0979

After the recital… Kiyah likes to ‘close her eyes’ and loves my mom and dad and its great for them since they do not have any grandkids yet. :)

img_0913 img_0908

To say Cordie and I love these girls is an understatement… we had the BEST time with the CASS family… our goodbyes are below. :(

img_1048img_1050img_1056img_1049 img_1057

On our way back to Florida we stopped in St. Louis for two nights for a visit. Below is Cordie’s Aunt & Uncle and their grandson Jake. Such a nice and loving couple and their daughters are very sweet too.

img_1136 img_1133

We enjoyed a nice lunch with Cordie’s Grandparents and Mom one day then went to a fun butterfly house.

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