he told us to leave immediately…

If you haven’t read the previous two posts – go back and do so now… :)

Three or four hours after we found the mold, called our landlord – a cleaning company arrived put in several LARGE dehumidifiers and air filtration systems… the guy installing them told us to leave immediately and to not be in our 2B, 2 Bath any longer until the air was fine for us to breathe in… with the mold being black mold we had to wait until the air was safe to be in it… (which is usually 48 hours after he put in the devices)

2015-08-01 17.15.34

2015-08-01 16.16.04

Yes this is not a cookie – it is black fuzzy mold.

2015-08-01 16.07.46

Bathroom sink in our Master Bath… mold doesn’t photograph well

So we went and stayed at our friends house for two nights as they were out of town…. we felt like zombies all day on the Sunday – not being in control of the situation or knowing what to do was so strange, difficult and hard to be patient. We went to see a movie, grieved ‘our things’ with the understanding from the specialists mold shouldn’t just grow that fast in 3-4 days (from the last time Becky had cleaned up the water condensation/leaks from the AC Unit) unless it was underneath the wood floors, in the walls, underneath the carpet… it would cost thousands of dollars to clean make sure that there were NOT ANY spores left in any of our belongings… unless it was glass and could be washed with bleach…

I remember saying to Cordie, “I do not know how Hannah’s family (my beautiful sister in-law who lives in Australia) went to the location of their house being burnt down and not able to save ANYTHING” Slowly, remembering everything they had or the generational things that were now gone.

We felt fortunate that would could grab a few things but very confused about what to do with the rest….we had clothes in a suitcase from our trip to MN and didn’t need to worry about them having exposure

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