I love Fall & Him

Autumn Life in MN

Going on ten weeks being in Rochester has flown by for us! Seeing friends, visiting with family as they have flown in and keeping up with as much work as possible while always trying to get ahead at the same time seems impossible most days!

Zakiyah Nova Brings So much Joy

Zakiyah Nova Brings So much Joy

But we are loving just being in the moment and being content with life as it is today. Not dwelling on the past or life in Florida or what life could be like somewhere else… but trying to plan one day at a time while also not discounting our dreams, future plans etc…

So our posts on here will more than likely be just updates and overviews of life as we move and breath!

Dad & Donald First Sunday

Dad & Donald First Sunday

My little brother Donald, is currently a Pastor in Melbourne, Australia. He and his wife, Hannah, flew over at the end of September and stayed through the 10th of October!

Touring Downtown Rochester

Touring Downtown Rochester

We had a lot of time with them as they hung out with my mom and dad, we went on a couple trips to show Hannah what ‘life’ is like in the midwest!

Blood Moon & Broncos Hangout

Blood Moon & Broncos Hangout

Bubble Tea on Hannah's Birthday

Bubble Tea on Hannah’s Birthday

Hannah celebrated her 30th birthday here – which was a lot of fun! The pictures in this post are an overview of their time here and what Cordie & I have been up to in between work life!

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Pumpkin Patch & Apple Orchard

Pumpkin Patch & Apple Orchard

Celebrating Hannah's Golden Birthday

Celebrating Hannah’s Golden Birthday

Wagon Ride Through the Apple Trees

Wagon Ride Through the Apple Trees

Hannah's 30! American Smores & Bonfires

Hannah’s 30! American Smores & Bonfires

Wild Game & Century Homecoming

Wild Game & Century Homecoming

Wild Hockey Game!

Wild Hockey Game!

Hannah's First Hockey Game!

Hannah’s First Hockey Game!

Hannah Leads Worship At Rochester Assembly

Hannah Leads Worship At Rochester Assembly

I had my 10 year high school reunion as well! It was a lot of fun seeing and catching up with old friends!

Celebrating My Ten Year Reunion

Celebrating My Ten Year HS Reunion

Sunday With these Babes

Sunday With these Babes

Spending Time with Zion & Zakiyah will never get old!

Spending Time with Zion & Zakiyah will never get old!

Hannah’s first time going to the Mall of America was a lot of fun!

Went to the Mall of America

Went to the Mall of America and went on some rides!

MOA - Legos

MOA – Lego Masterpieces

MOA - Lego

MOA – Lego

Andy & Christy had all of us Osborns over for dinner – food was amazing and the company was even better! Thank you!

Greek Night at the Cass House

Greek Night at the Cass House – Dance Party

Greek Night at the Cass House

Greek Night at the Cass House

Greek Night at the Cass House

Dance Party is always a good way to end the day!

For Donald & Hannah’s last night we celebrated Bobby’s birthday out on Lake Zumbro – the fall leaves are just gorgeous in SE Minnesota so the drive alone was amazing!

Dinner at Fishermen's Inn Celebrating Bobby's 31st Birthday!

Dinner at Fishermen’s Inn Celebrating Bobby’s 31st Birthday!

Dinner at Fishermen's Inn Celebrating Bobby's 31st Birthday!

Dinner at Fishermen’s Inn Celebrating Bobby’s 31st Birthday!

It was a lot of fun! Cordie & I will be doing another couple week work sprint before heading back to Jacksonville to take care of some things and then plan on being in the Minnesota area through the end of the year with hopes of heading somewhere very warm in January! :) We hope you are enjoying your day to day life and making the most of being with those you love no matter what is going on! As we are in our Autumn Life in MN! <3 Cordie & Katherine


Where do you see Beau ← ty?

…a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

2015-03-15 09.43.22

This morning we left the house just after 8 to go exploring/hiking in a state park about 25 mins from where we currently live.

2015-03-15 09.41.43-1

It was a beauttttiful Sunday morning – clear skies, the sun was shining… we were both happy to be getting outside.

2015-03-15 09.37.06

As you can see we first took a short hike (about a half mile) to Black Rock Beach that is full of protected driftwood…

2015-03-15 09.35.25-2 2015-03-15 09.45.24

The tide was down so there was plenty of ‘safe’ ground to walk on… the rocks/sand bluffs were actually sand… hardened and left supposebly after the last ice age..


2015-03-15 23.30.57

It was beautiful…pleasing to our sites… senses.. the bright green algae…rich chocolate rocks/sand….millions of creatures scurrying around as we walked…

2015-03-15 23.26.19

bright white trees that were as smooth as silk when you touched them…

2015-03-15 10.03.46

Calm water that just glistened and made my heart so happy… Where do you find beauty?


2015-03-15 09.45.41


Do you find beauty in any child’s smile? The way your loved one puts their hand on your leg when you are driving? Old dead trees that have been washed upon a shore… the nature that surrounds you?


2015-03-15 23.28.47

I love that the definition of B E A U T Y I found ↑ has the word ‘combination’ of qualities…that beauty can really be anything you want or say that it is because it is beauty that you see and find pleasing.

2015-03-15 09.43.11

In the midst of our VERY busy day/week/month I am so happy we were able to spend a couple of hours moving… breathing… being and seeing beauty together (reality what I believe we were created to do) and I hope you are able to as well!


ATX – WE <3 y o u

360bridgebk.360.2kissingcord.360 bk.360 ck.360bridge

As you can see the warm 70 degree weather quickly turned to low 30s (I know, I know there are many of you who are suffering in much colder weather – but for us it feels freezing) and with a couple hours to spare Bobby took us to this amazing 360 degree view overlooking Austin’s hill country and then to the mural of a cutting board he gave me last year for my birthday (We love having a little bit of Austin in our home)


2015-02-23 13.18.58



Star Wars Wedding || Laura & Jose || Feb. 21.2015

Last weekend we jetted over to Austin, Tx for a couple days to attend my cousin Laura’s wedding. Her and her now husband got engaged about a year and a half ago and both love Star Wars so thought that there would be no better way to celebrate their big day! They encouraged all guests to dress up and made hand held masks of characters from Star Wars for those that didn’t dress in costume.

laurahairdone Motherofthebride.laura.dresslauraandbridesmaidslaura.makeupdoneericaandmila

Laura wore: Princess Leia ceremonial gown: Episode IV which was handmade by her now sister inlaw, Jose was Han Solo ceremonial outfit: Episode IV, the bridesmaids: Motee Senate Gown: Episode III and the groomsmen were Storm Troopers, the best man Chewbacca.


laura walking down the aisle

The parents of the couple shared blessings over them before the ceremony started…







It was a gorgeous day outside… 70 degrees…no rain in sight and you could truly see the love these two have for each other.


Laura, Erica (her daughter Mila) and Antonio – Cisneros Siblings


The Cisneros Family with Mr & Mrs. Espinoza

everyonebest ana.laura.mila

cisneros2015-02-21 19.10.332015-02-21 19.12.48-2

Bobby was Darth Vadar, my dad a Senator and I was dressed as Aayla Secura (she was on the Jedi Council)


2015-02-21 16.16.03-1

2015-02-21 16.08.18

Above I am with my cousin Amy’s (dressed as a Storm Trooper) daughter Rylie who was the flower girl.

Cordie went as the Inquisitor from the Dark Side…

2015-02-21 16.12.31

2015-02-21 16.15.26

2015-02-21 16.23.58

2015-02-21 16.24.56

My Uncle John and his granddaughter Rylie.

2015-02-21 16.25.22

2015-02-21 14.31.13-2

2015-02-21 14.31.19-2

2015-02-21 15.16.04 HDR-2

2015-02-21 15.57.10 HDR-2

2015-02-21 16.05.19-2

The Jedi Knights all together…. Uncle John, John Carson and Michael.

2015-02-21 16.28.36

2015-02-21 16.43.56

Reception Entertainment :)

2015-02-21 19.45.54

2015-02-21 20.02.38

erica.me bobby.amy

2015-02-21 20.31.29 2015-02-21 20.44.37-1 2015-02-21 21.45.55-1

We had so much fun at this wedding and we were happy to get to spend some time with our family in Texas! There was great BBQ, lots of dancing and laughing and we couldn’t be more happy for Laura and Jose’s future together!