3 months of waiting…

AND we have our COUCH now! :)


Having a desk in the living room is nice so we can see the ocean while we work. :)


We sure are happy to have this view while sitting on couch.


We love love love our couch, but would NOT recommend for ANYONE to purchase furniture from West Elm unless you walk out of the store with it as they are a lot slower than they commit to AND the customer service is HORRIBLE!


Side View – Opened door goes into our bedroom.

couch corner

We are sooo happy we picked this lighter gray to lighten up our place and it matches all of the white shutters/kitchen perfectly!!! Also that the lines are clean and so straight!

It couldn’t have arrived in more perfect timing as we had been planning on having friends over for the 4th for a couple of weeks and needed the extra seating! You never really realize how nice it is to have a place to sit and just be in your home with the ones you love until you are sitting on the floor a lot and in separate chairs while watching movies :)

2015-07-03 10.47.29

On our way home after a large Costco run for the 4th supplies. <3


Showing my American Pride.


We HAD perfect spots to see the fireworks from our balcony! So much fun!

Unfortunately it rained and STORMED most of the day so we hung out inside, played card games, watched the rain crash over the ocean and then got to ride our bikes when it stopped later in the evening! Per Cordie’s request I made pork shredded tacos with pineapple coleslaw for everyone and guacamole, pico de gallo and Becky brought her famous chip dip! It felt like what Floridians call a Hurricane party but thankfully there wasn’t one because we would have been the first to get hit being so close to the water!

We hope you had a wonderful celebration wherever you are!



2015-07-05 09.01.16