Segways & PuttPutt

In-laws come for a visit

This past week we were quite busier than usual as Cordie’s parents were here in Florida. We had planned on gorgeous weather to be able to enjoy the beach, sunshine and pool, however it ended up being rainy and ‘colder’ for most of the time.


The 2nd evening we went to the Town Center and enjoyed Ted Montana’s famous Bison burgers as it rained lightly.

img_2955 img_2959

The next morning we left early to Fort George Island where his father organized an ‘off-road’ Segway tour that was a lot of fun and very enjoyable. The tour went to Kingsley’s plantation on the island that still had some of the slaves’ homes from years ago and the original home of the Kingsleys, we each had our own ear piece (as you can see below) to hear the tour guide and helmets of course for extra safety. :) None of us had ever ridden on Segways so we got to ‘train’ before hand and then have a little fun in a field after the tour was done. :)

img_2976 img_2964 img_2972 img_2973 img_2978 img_2977


Being ‘adventurous’ and taking an arm and leg off the Segway above and below is at the end when we both felt like pros. If you have never ridden a Segway-I would recommend giving it a shot on your next vacation somewhere, they sure were a blast.


After our morning on the Segways we jumped on a ferry and had lunch at a local seafood shack called, Singletons that was recommended to us by a friend. I had blackened flounder and it was AMAZING. We sat out on the patio on the water and were greatly protected by any type of rodents with many cats guarding the entrance. :)

img_3025 img_3026 img_3027 img_3029 img_3031

From lunch we drove about 45 mins into downtown Jacksonville for their River Market days that happens weekly on Saturdays under one of the bridges. There were different vendors for jewelry, clothing, a food ‘market’ of fresh produce and of course many different types of food. We opted for some kettle corn and lemonade with peach and iced tea brewed in. Perfect dessert to our previous lunch.

img_3038 img_3035 img_3041 img_3042 img_3043 img_3044

One of the last things we did with Cordie’s parents was played Miniture Golf at Adventure Landing. It was us against them-and we LOST big time. (by at least 20 strokes)

img_3120 img_3119 img_3118 img_3117  img_3115 img_3110

To say the lest it was still fun and we also enjoyed the many baby American Alligators at the entrance of the park-you can see a couple in the picture above. :) The many meals, walks on the beach, time next to the pool and what you have seen above-it was nice to have them here for a visit. :)


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