…it was covered in MOLD

I am not being over dramatic or exaggerating at all! From the floor to the ceilings to anything that was made out of wood – our brand new couch only had a teeny tiny spot on it…

I was shocked. On the verge of tears, but thought maybe we can save somethings… so I went into our bedroom and started grabbing anything I found mold on it and threw it into the living room to try and group it all….

The thing that was so shocking for us was that most people in the 1960s build building the condo was there SECOND home so if we were gone just over 10 days… how is this possible? The condensation near our kitchen floor was the cause of this? That the building manager had told us it was ‘normal’ and everyone had the same thing… so we climate controlled our place had a dehumidifier were very cautious and aware making sure water wasn’t just sitting/the doors were always closed…

2015-08-01 16.16.02

We had the couple above us come down and look over it – the husband being on the board of the condo – he pointed out rust on our front door (mind you there isn’t a full wall protecting the building from rain) said that the doors need to be replaced and that our landlord should have informed us of any AC issues…

2015-08-01 20.00.25

These three little bibles were the hardest for me… They were my Grandparents who have both passed away and one of the only things I had to remember them with…

….which we found out later she had had previous issues but never mentioned them….

No filter… Only read any further

If you won’t be offended by anything that is written below and/or in the posts that follow as this update will be spaced out over several….

Looking back at our ‘updates’ it saddens me to see that the last thing we wrote about was the 3 month wait of a silly couch from West Elm. (which we did love for the week + we had it)

2015-07-25 20.26.05

Twins Game we went to while in MN with Kevin for his passed due fathers day gift.

In the middle of July we drove up to Rochester, MN for our annual visit to see family and friends. We had a WONDERFUL TIME! Cordie had a conference for golf instructors in Chicago on the way down, we stopped in Greenville, SC for an evening – hiked through Pisgah National Forest and tried to enjoy the constant slow traffic we faced the entire way home.

2015-07-27 12.39.54

2015-07-29 12.00.20

2015-07-29 13.04.42 HDR-1

2015-07-31 14.53.12

If you are ever in the area you must at least drive through here!

2015-07-31 14.23.30-2

Water Falls we stopped at


I will never forget we had gotten into Jacksonville Beach, Cordie turned to me and said,

“I don’t know why you are so worried about the water Becky (our friend was graciously taking care of our plants and condo while we were gone and mentioned that just four days after we left there were puddles and puddles of water near our kitchen near our guest bathroom very far away from our glass doors that faced the ocean that she wiped up) found.”

I remember responding – we have no idea how bad it is…. If the condensation on the floor in the kitchen that was there from the moment we moved in/if our landlord knew of water issues/leaks yet didn’t disclose the information to us.


We just had no idea….what we would be walking into


3 months of waiting…

AND we have our COUCH now! :)


Having a desk in the living room is nice so we can see the ocean while we work. :)


We sure are happy to have this view while sitting on couch.


We love love love our couch, but would NOT recommend for ANYONE to purchase furniture from West Elm unless you walk out of the store with it as they are a lot slower than they commit to AND the customer service is HORRIBLE!


Side View – Opened door goes into our bedroom.

couch corner

We are sooo happy we picked this lighter gray to lighten up our place and it matches all of the white shutters/kitchen perfectly!!! Also that the lines are clean and so straight!

It couldn’t have arrived in more perfect timing as we had been planning on having friends over for the 4th for a couple of weeks and needed the extra seating! You never really realize how nice it is to have a place to sit and just be in your home with the ones you love until you are sitting on the floor a lot and in separate chairs while watching movies :)

2015-07-03 10.47.29

On our way home after a large Costco run for the 4th supplies. <3


Showing my American Pride.


We HAD perfect spots to see the fireworks from our balcony! So much fun!

Unfortunately it rained and STORMED most of the day so we hung out inside, played card games, watched the rain crash over the ocean and then got to ride our bikes when it stopped later in the evening! Per Cordie’s request I made pork shredded tacos with pineapple coleslaw for everyone and guacamole, pico de gallo and Becky brought her famous chip dip! It felt like what Floridians call a Hurricane party but thankfully there wasn’t one because we would have been the first to get hit being so close to the water!

We hope you had a wonderful celebration wherever you are!



2015-07-05 09.01.16


2015-06-19 16.14.35

j u n e

It GOT HOT here in Jacksonville this month! I mean high humidity and low 100s/mid 90s EVERY DAY!

Our long walks have become a walk down the beach and than a swim through the ocean on our way home just to stay cool!

For this month’s overview post we decided to both write so you will see Cordie’s name after the parts he writes!

2015-06-25 14.59.24

Lots of Storms this month! The weather quickly changes within 10 – 20 mins.

This month flew by for us! I completed our first 30 day meal plan adding more fish, chicken, and pork keeping out carbs (pasta dishes) meals to our nightly dinners!

It was a lot of fun trying new recipes each week and figuring out how much two people eat and how well leftovers last. We found out what are favorites are and will be repeating in July!

Shredded Pork with Pineapple Coleslaw

2015-06-03 17.50.39

Recipe recommended topping the pork with cilantro and avocados!

2015-06-03 17.47.55

My first time cooking pork in the crock pot!

2015-06-05 12.08.53

Day Two Cordie had the leftovers in a soup like form!

Cordie – This one is by far and away my favorite.    I’ve been counting down the days till my lovely wife makes it again.

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Bell Peppers

2015-06-01 18.01.54 (1)

Before Cooked – This recipe was the longest prep and cooking time of all the new recipes I tried this month!

2015-06-01 18.48.10

After wards – So good. Make sure if you stuff peppers when you cut into them there will be juice/sauce that spills out.

Cordie – This one is surprisingly good.  A little buffalo hot sauce and some ranch and it’s perfect.

Shredded Chicken with Posole – Added my own ingredients to the chicken and cooked in the crock pot for 8+ hours.

2015-06-22 17.22.04

Posole is usually paired with lime, chili powder and oregano!

Cordie – Ever since I’ve been around the Osborn household I’ve had the honor of being introduced to posole.  It’s quickly become one of my favorite things to eat.  Surprisingly this was the first time we’ve made it ourselves and definitely won’t be the last.  Although not as good as my mother in laws ;) – if you havent tried posole it’s about time you do

2015-06-06 09.31.23 HDR

People always ask us or say – how do you both work from home together? Cordie usually responds with it is really easy and great! We know when we are working together to keep it work focused and planning/dreaming organizing our weekly tasks is really great with someone you can trust! We challenge each other to take risks. To stay focus on one ‘project’ ‘idea’ (which is really hard to do long term). And always make sure we take time for DATE NIGHTS!

2015-06-19 15.58.39-2

We drove down to St. Augustine at my Favorite Restaurant around – The Floridian! -Cordie

2015-06-19 16.16.02    2015-06-19 16.16.21

There are a lot of ‘dreamprenuers’ out there and Cordie – ON HIS OWN is not just an entrepreneur who DOES THINGS and sees progress but is a producer, creator and great business owner and we are excited to see where our future takes us as a family and as a business!

2015-06-15 07.52.39 HDR-2

Katherine biked by me one day on my way to Starbucks. -Cordie

One of the things I’ve learned is to always mix up my work environment.  So you’ll find us working at 1 of 3 tables and desks we have scattered throughout the house, outside on the balcony on a phone call, or at one of 3 coffee shops within walking distance.  I’ve learned that the more comfortable your workspace the more likely you are to get distracted or feel like you have all day to complete the projects you’re trying to get done.   By changing your environment it helps to stay focused and productive while working. -Cordie

2015-06-14 10.46.36

We are loving life together!




three years ago ->


Thinking back on this day brings such a whirlwind of emotions… The decision to say yes to the man of my dreams to believe and trust God that it would work out and be better than I could have EVER imagined.

In Colorado – 2014

We have gone through a lot together and in talking about it yesterday neither of us would have wanted it any other way or have chosen to do anything alone instead of together.


We have traveled the world.


Great Barrier Reef, Australia – 2014

Moved to another part of the United States. Are Following our dreams for ourselves and our family as it is now and the future of it. Have Laughed so hard at the littlest things together that no one else would ever understand. Cook amazing meals together. Plan our future world travels. Work HARD to live the life we want to live and try to never take it for granted!


I truly did marry my best friend and will forever be honored and blessed that he CHOSE ME. pursued me over and over and over again. :)


Inside the Vatican Museum – Rome, Italy. 2013

PICKED ME TO do this life with. I will always remember this day and him making it incredibly romantic, intentional, and special for just him and I.

He wrote me the song you can see him playing in the proposal below video (not what you hear). Surprised me with two photographers filming and taking pictures of the whole thing!

I am happy to celebrate/remember this day today and so excited for what OUR future has in store for us no matter what others do or say around us!